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Armor Recycling is dedicated to servicing the shooting range industry. We specialize in recovering valuable lead from your rubber berm, and with our proprietary equipment we can also remove flammable components such as paper, gun powder, and other dust contaminates.

We also provide decontamination services for your entire range from walls to floor, rails and stalls, vacuumed and wiped down.

Shooting Range Cleaning Services

ARMOR offers a variety of services for indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. Whether you need weekly full service or one time maintenance, we can cater to your specific needs. ARMOR offers competitive pricing for your scrap brass and lead. We have saved ranges thousands of dollars in operating costs through with our filter disposal program, and range cleaning services.

Free Setup & Pickup

With ARMOR there are no complicated setup charges to bring our machinery and start working on your range.

Top Prices for Scrap

Guaranteed top prices paid for your scrap metals because we actually remelt and repurpose your material. You are dealing with no middle man!

Filter Disposals

From 1 filter to 1,000 filters, we can save you thousands of dollars.


Metals We Buy


Brass Shells / Cases

[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]
Scrap brass prices based on a 30-Day LME copper moving average. Prices last updated August 6, 2018.


[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]
Scrap bullet lead prices based on a 30-Day LME lead moving average. Prices last updated August 6, 2018.

Used Filter Disposal Service

ARMOR can save your range thousands of operating costs per year with our simple flat rate filter disposal fees. We also offer bulk rates for customers who have accumulated large quantities of filters. You can even use your scrap metals as compensation to further lower your operating cost.




bAG / hepa fILTERs


Floor Sweeps & PPE




ARMOR remelts and repurposes the lead from your steel backstop and rubber berm, guaranteeing you the top price for your scrap lead.



Recovered lead is melted, and then cast into ingots ready for shipment to manufacturers.

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